A Dying Breed?

This was first published on Feb. 11th, 2015.

Where are all the Burglars? Where have the expert treasure hunters gone? Are there any sneaks out there? I don’t know about your server, but in Evernight, it feels like Burglars have all but vanished. Why?

Possibly because it’s a very complicated class to play. Unlike a Champion, where you pretty much just swing a sword at everything that moves, Burglars need you to think about things like stealth, positional damage, and tactics. And that’s only if you traited red line. If you traited yellow line, you have all these debuffs to juggle. Not to mention, you can remove those debuffs to apply buffs to yourself. Do I really need this buff? Is it worth losing the debuff? Blue line Burglars offer a whole new challenge. What about all those gambles, huh? Is the uncertainty of whether my attack will do enough damage worth seeing a little dice icon floating over some guys head? (Hint: Yes, yes it is)

In short, it’s hard to play the class well. Sure, you can just run around stabbing things, but eventually someone will swat you aside as if you were just an annoying little amateur pickpocket. To play a Burglar well, you really have to pay attention to what you’re doing. In every fight. You can fight things without really paying attention, but you’ll definitely lose a good chunk of health, and healing potions don’t come cheap.

It’s not that the class isn’t fun. I’ve been playing a blue line Burglar, and I can attest to its level of funness. Funiness? Funnyness? Its level of fun. There we go! 😀 There’s nothing like sneaking around a ton of mobs and giggling at all the sorry losers who have to fight their way through. Not to mention pickpocketing! If only we could pickpocket other players. That would be awesome. And sort of scary. That’s actually a very bad idea now that I think about it.

Maybe the reason we don’t see many Burgs anymore is because people are often startled (and slightly emotional) when a Burglar sneak attacks their enemy. You thought that you were alone? Surprise! Burg to the rescue!

I suspect that it is the stealth and the complexity of the class. Stealth is a great feature. It’s hard to have a rogue type character without having a good stealth mechanic, but it makes things move slower. It’s much faster to carve your way through enemies than it is to sneak past them. Sort of. Depends on how much dps you do? I know I had a point to this. A Burglar probably stole it.

Maybe that’s the real reason. Burglars get such a bad reputation. For instance, early on, a lot of our fighting is against brigands. That’s the real reason. All the Burglars have been scared away by this bad reputation that they’re getting.

Or maybe they’re just so good at hiding that we don’t notice them… Please come back Burgs. We promise that we won’t bite.


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