An Important Announcement

This was first published on Feb. 7th, 2015.

So, there is an important announcement that we have to make! Dragonslayers blog now has a Youtube channel. On this channel will be videos (obviously) of several of our guides, not to mention, later on we might be able to add in some extra goodies for you guys. At first, I wanted to upload the videos directly onto this blog, but things got complicated. On the downside, it proved nigh impossible. Or maybe I just didn’t figure it out. On the upside, because of our stubborn refusal to ever give in no matter how overwhelming the odds or frustrating the technology, you can still tune into our youtube channel (links will be provided) to watch some really awesome videos. Stay tuned, because we’re still figuring this out. But it will happen. That’s guaranteed.

Also, Update 15.2 is live! This update was devoted to three things: fixing things, Beornings, and Pelargir.

Many, many things have been fixed or altered. Phantom mapnotes for instance? Gone. Which makes me much happier, because those nearly drove me insane. Perhaps the most exciting of these changes is the possibility that shallow water dismounts have been removed. Let’s stay hopeful on this one. I look forward to a day where my horse won’t have a panic attack because his hooves got wet. Maybe what we should really do is figure out why all of our mounts are hydrophobic. Surely, they have reasons? Is there an outbreak of water snakes in Middle Earth that I don’t know about?

Beornings, try not to get too flustered about these class changes. Mostly, they are minor changes. Most of them seem to be about balancing out the trait trees. Which is good, because they are much easier to play now. I suggest going through your trait trees and getting a good look at all of these changes. Maybe now that they’ve made the changes, we can finally pump out some more class guides. Now that would be nice.

Pelargir should play much more smoother now. All of the changes made have been focused on making this epic battle easier to run, and they seem to be doing their job. Prompts, fixed typos, and a cleared up map should make things much easier.

Be sure to check out the full release notes over here.


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