Are We There Yet?

This was first published on Apr. 25th, 2015.

I have noticed something astounding. Something incredible. Something that makes me very happy. Something we players have been whining about for ages.

Not many people like the blanket horses. You know, those sorry festival steeds that look like they’ve had a blanket draped over their backs? They’ve always been a bit sad. Just a little. I mean, I have nothing against blankets, and I have nothing against horses, so I’m alright with a few of them. But we don’t normally get a few. We get a lot. A new reskin for every festival, actually.

But all that is changing. Say goodbye to blanket horses, because it looks like we’re seeing the end of them! The Winter Festival brought us the Steed of Winter Winds, a lovely mount with an equally lovely tack. It was pretty, it wasn’t a blanket, and I liked it very much. Then, the Anniversary festival has brought us the Steed of the Woodland Realms, which is also (and this is incredible) not a blanket horse! It has some beautiful mottled green-gray and gold tack that just makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside.

Let’s all hope that this trend continues! Let the blanket burning begin!


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