Battle of the Breweries

This was first published on Dec. 27th, 2014.

After some time in game, it’s hard not to hear about the Inn League or the Ale Association. These two oddly opposed groups of alcohol-fanatics have been at each other for time immemorial. And that’s all nice and dandy, but you may not feel compelled to join one or the other without a bit of incentive. If a horse or goat with casks of ale strapped to the saddle doesn’t make you feel the sudden urge to run around Eradior delivering alcohol to people who can’t seem to find the nearest tavern, what on earth will?

How about some festival tokens? Badges of Dishonor/Badges of Taste are rewarded every time you complete a quest for these factions. These badges can either be stashed away and used to barter for a special mount, a cosmetic item, or a housing item, or they can be turned in immediately for 3 festival tokens.

Once you have gotten to acquaintance status (this can be done by completing the initiation quest) for the Ale Association, Badges of Dishonor can be turned in for summer festival tokens, spring leaves, fall festival tokens, farmers faire tokens, festival tokens, and deluxe stink bombs.

While it is possible to join the Inn League and turn in Badges of Taste for these items, to do so you must reach friend status. If you aren’t interested in waiting to reach friend status, it is strongly recommended that you simply start with the Ale Association to maximize the amount of tokens you can grind.

This can be a good way of getting festival tokens if you are really sick of those Winter-home daily quests. Seriously, who wants to clean up dishes for the fourteenth time in a row?


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