Bears and other Shiny Things

This was first published on Nov. 1st, 2014.

Guess what’s coming on November 5th? Guess what shiny new toys we get? We get Update 14.2! Why is it called 14.2? I don’t know, maybe saying that it was Update 15 would have been too mainstream. Suiting, since I think that we can all agree that the Lotro devs are the ‘geeks’ of the dev world. Or maybe that’s just me being a little bit awed at what devoted storytellers they are. I mean, did you hear the excuse they give when they were talking about how the Beornings weren’t going to start at lvl 60 after all? They were supposedly worried about how they would fit into the storyline. Either that, or they got fed up with some people whining and they gave us our way, but didn’t want us to know. Hmmm… I sincerely hope that it’s the first option, because that’s a great mindset to have when you’re trying to make a super-awesome roleplaying game set in Middle Earth of all places. But, I digress.

Anyways, we get some pretty neat things. First (what we’ve all been waiting for) the Beorning class! I’ve wanted a Beorning class ever since I first started playing Lotro, and I am so excited. I know that I will be eagerly waiting for the 5th.

We also get a huge chunk of Gondor, so that means that there’s more places to explore. Speaking of exploring, anyone near the lvl cap should head over to the Cave of the Avorrim because Dorthaneth has a special job just for us heroes. The Dead Marshes need exploring, and of course he’s too frightened, or lazy, to wade through the muck. I suggest big, waterproof boots.

There’s a new epic battle in the city of Pelargir. Remember to use your skirmish soldiers from now on, because they’ve just been made more useful. DPS has been scaled up, and they can now progress to rank 50 (that’s five more ranks than earlier). Also, I have bad news for anyone who loves to root things. State immunity now affects roots as well. That means no stunning, then rooting opponents for me. L
A bunch of tiny bugs were fixed and slight modifications were made (nothing that important), but more importantly, we now have a collection system. This will let all of us collectionists keep track of our stashed goodies. It also means that we can point and laugh at people, because we have more chickens than they do.

We also get more trees. Lots and lots of trees. If you really want fangorn themed furniture, you can talk to Quickbeam. He’s recently taken up woodcarving and has made lots of furniture out of the dead wood that the orcs have left behind. Of course, now he has nothing to do with it, so the sleepy ent is offering it to anyone who walks by. Pet huorns are also available for 375 leaves each, so you can really have a tree theme. If trees aren’t your thing, there are frogs available for barter in Central Gondor.

We’ve all been waiting for this update. Mostly for the Beorning. The last time we got new classes (Rune-Keeper and the Warden) was in 2008. That was 6 years ago. 6 years. Yikes. We’re going to be having a few cool things this month. I have a special 3 week (or possibly 6) panel that I’ve been preparing just for this event. Remember to check this out, because we’ll have a bear of a time over here, and you don’t want to miss a thing.

Be sure to check out the devs notes here.


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