Guide: Crafting Interdependence

This was first published on Feb. 21, 2015.

The one thing that I hate most of all is getting stuck on crafting. Crafting is time consuming, and sometimes you need to rely on other people to get the ingredients that you need to complete all those wonderful recipes. Which sucks.

There’s nothing like searching the auction house for those bronze ingots that you so desperately need. However, if you have four characters, it is possible to cover all professions. Then, instead of tramping off to the auction house, you can just mail ingredients to the characters that need it. For instance, if I have a Tinker and a Historian, my Historian can support all of my Tinker’s cooking needs and my Tinker can mine all the ore that my Historian wants.

Some professions support other professions by giving them ingredients that they desperately need.

A farmer can support a cook.

A forester can support a tailor, and a woodworker.

A prospector can support a metalsmith, a weaponsmith, a jeweller, and a scholar.

To be completely independant with your crafting, you need one of every profession. Specifically, you need an Armourer (prospector, metalsmith, tailor), a Historian (scholar, farmer, weaponsmith), a Tinker (prospector, cook, jeweller) and a Woodsman (farmer, forester, woodworker).

Like this, your characters can support each other. Does your Historian need some ingots? Don’t worry, your Armourer and Tinker can help him out. All you need is a mailbox. That’s it.

Alternatively, you can also have one character support another.

A Historian and a Tinker can support each other very well. The Tinker supplying metal, and the Historian supplying food. Unfortunately, these two are the only pair who can support each other completely.

An Armourer can be supported by an Explorer or a Woodsman to get the hides he needs.

An Armsman needs the help of an Explorer or a Woodsman to get the wood that he needs.

A Yeoman needs to rely on an Explorer or a Woodsman to get the hides that he needs.

Explorers and Woodsmen are completely self-reliant. They don’t need help from anyone, the lucky ducks.


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