Guide: Heavy Mounted Combat

This was first published on Jan. 24th, 2015.

Rohan came with many, many goodies, and one of those was mounted combat. Mounted combat is a lot of fun, but there are a large number of distinct play styles that make it a bit more complicated than simply running stuff over. Even if you look really cool doing it. Today, we will focus on the heavy horse, also known as the destrier.

Endurance is what we normally call morale. Think of it as horse hitpoints. Destriers have the most morale. They’re walking meat shields, which is good, because all you melee type characters need a good sturdy mount to carry you into battle.

Although destriers are tanky, they have the least amount of power. They still have enough of it to do well, but not as much as the light mount, or the medium.

Destriers have the most armor. This makes them incredibly tough, and of course, a destriers armor can always be boosted through stat increases to make them even tougher.

They have the most strength, which means that they can regenerate their vitals more easily than the other mounts.

Agility, however, is not their strong point. Destriers have the lowest amount of agility. This means that they cannot evade attacks very well, and that their turn rating is… below average.

This mount has an acceleration of 8. It cannot get up to full speed as fast as the other mounts.

Its max speed is 14 metres per second.

The destrier is good at one thing: surviving. This mount was made for melee characters, and it’s very, very good at lasting a long time in battle. If you boost the stats properly, you can turn this mount into a walking mountain. Despite all of this, the destrier is hard to manoeuver. Before taking this mount into battle, I suggest you run around a town for a bit and practise turning. Turning is difficult on this mount because of its low agility rating. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself running around Rohan with as much grace as a pregnant whale. The destrier is perfect for melee characters (especially tanks!), and I recommend this mount for melee characters, unless you prefer something more agile and less tanky.

Traits – Stat Increases
Endurance can be increased by 990 points. This can be used to make your destrier incredibly tough. Very, very useful.

Power can be increased by 1430 points. I recommend slotting a few points into this to help round out your destrier.

Armor can be increased by 1500 points. This is an enormous increase! If you really want to go smash things, then max this. Your mount will probably point and laugh at all of those pretty little coursers trotting around oh so carefully.

Strength can be increased by 450 points. Another enormous increase! This is great for making your mount more beefy. Max this and your mount will be able to regenerate its vitals really quickly.

Agility can be increased by 344 points. Maxing this is highly recommended to make your steed easier to manage. Maxing agility is suprisingly important for melee characters, because melee characters often rely on ‘jousting’ in mounted combat. Being able to turn quickly and easily is important so you don’t make wide circles when trying to turn around. This can make it harder to hit your opponent and can accidently drag other enemies into combat. Which is always bad.

Trait Trees *please note that we are not going to cover the yellow trait tree*
Red Trait Tree

Long Reach – This gives you +10 max distance for ranged skills. Very useful.

Well Rounded – This gives you +500 critical rating and +500 parry rating. It’s nice to have a skill that increases defense in the red trait tree.

Precision – This unlocks after 2 points are put into Well Rounded. It reduces your targets evade chance by 30% and increases your tactical mastery rating by 1500 points. If you don’t ever use tactical mastery, just maxing this to get the evade rating reduction is useful.

Overwhelming Offence – This unlocks after 2 points are put into Well Rounded. It reduces your targets block chance by 30% and increases your physical mastery rating by 1800 points. The block rating reduction makes this worth it if you don’t use physical mastery all that often.

Mounted Advantage – This is a fun skill! It increases the damage you do against unmounted units by 50%. Useful for if you like fighting unmounted units on horseback or if you dismount someone.

Opportunist – This is another fun skill. It increases the damage you do by 45% if you are attacking your opponent from behind. Useful for when you’re running down archers.

Ride for Ruin – This unlocks after 3 points are put into Opportunist. It gives you a toggle skill that increases your critical chance by 25%, but uses up power every second.

Instigate – This unlocks after 3 points are put into Opportunist. It gives you a skill that increases your threat generation for 16 seconds. This is good for saving those weaklings on light mounts, and is especially good for tanks.

Trample – Your destrier is enormous, and as such, can trample unmounted enemies. This gives you a skill that lets you trample unmounted enemies when you are moving at full speed. Awesome. I want to put my Lore-Master on a destrier just so I can run around trampling stuff.

Spears Will Be Shaken – While using the Red Dawn Discipline, some of your skills will slow your targets movement speed if they critically hit.

– max out agility to make your mount easier to manage in battle
– keep red dawn discipline toggled
– run down any fools

Blue Trait Tree
Determination – This increases your resistance rating by 600 points.

Flexibility – This increases your evade rating by 400 points, and your block rating by 1200 points. This is especially great for those with shields.

Fearless – This unlocks after 2 points are put into Flexibility. It increases your physical mitigation by 1350 points.

Strategist – This unlocks after 2 points are put into Flexibility. It increases your tactical mitigation by 1350 points.

Rehabilitation – This increases your destriers non-combat endurace regeneration by 702 points, its non-combat power regeneration by 594 points, and your non-combat power regeneration by 540 points.

Cunning – This unlocks after 2 points are put into Rehabilitation. It increases your mounts evade rating by 800 points and its critical defense by 60 points. Very, very useful.

Battle Tested – This increases your destriers in-combat endurance regeneration by 324 points, its in-combat power regeneration by 243 points, and your in-combat power regeneration by 270 points.

Steel Skin – This unlocks after 2 points are put into Battle Tested. It gives you a toggle skill that increases your destriers armor rating by 600 points, but drains power every second.

Positive Thinking – This unlocks after 2 points are put into Battle Tested. It gives you a toggle skill that increases your in-combat morale regeneration by 210 points, and your non-combat morale regeneration by 420 points, but drains power every second.

Benevolence – As long as the Rohirrim Discipline is toggled, some of your skills will boost your incoming and outgoing healing. More healing for you!

– understand and make use of your toggle skills. It is possible to have all three of them (Steel Skin, Positive Thinking, and Ride for Ruin) active at once, but doing so will severly sap your power.
– keep the Rohirrim Discipline toggled


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