Guide: Yellow Line Hunter

This was first published on Sep. 27th, 2014.

I’ve always liked the yellow line Hunter. I originally picked up this trait line so I could teach myself how to use my traps, but then I decided that I really liked it. It’s a fun line, and I think that you’ll enjoy it. As usual, we’ll start off with traits, then set bonuses, and finally our closer look.


Tripwire – This will give you one out of four traps that you get as a yellow line. It’s a handy little thing that knocks people over. I strongly suggest picking this one up.

Natural Extracts – A skill that increases damage over time up to 25%? This ties into four of your skills (Barbed Arrow, Piercing Trap, The One Trap, and Lingering Wound). Two of those are traps (one being your ult), so I would invest a few points into this.

Survival Gear – This increases physical and tactical mitigation by up to 8%. Translation? Reduced incoming damage. This boosts your mitigation by nearly a tenth! This is incredibly useful!

Elusive – After five points have been put into Survival Gear, you get this lovely little thing. It increases your evade chance by up to 5%. Evading is incredibly important for a yellow line hunter (you’ll see why later), so do your best to max this out.

Combat Traps – This increases trap damage by up to 50%, and reduces trap cooldowns by up to 15 seconds. As a yellow line, you will always be using traps, so try to max this one as well. It may save your life. I should also mention that your ult is a trap, and anything that increases ult damage is great in my books.

Explosive Arrow – This area of effect skill distributes the damage it does evenly to everyone it hits. It sounds nice, but in reality, it doesn’t do all that much damage to begin with and cutting up what little damage it does do into small dinky pieces doesn’t help that much. All it really does is make everything attack you. I think that this skill is a waste of focus points and trait points, and after some experimentation, I haven’t found it to be very useful. Even after maxing Explosive Powder.

Explosive Powder – If you put a point into Explosive Arrow, this unlocks. What it does is increase the damage of Explosive Arrow and Deadly Decoy by a good 20%. This makes these skills more helpful, but I don’t like to funnel points into this one. If you use the Explosive Arrow and Deadly Decoy a lot though, this is very useful and you should definitely invest some points into it.

Rain of Thorns – Yay! Another skill! (Technically our third gained from trait points so far) One point unlocks a skill that lets you pin 5 targets within a 10 meter radius. There’s a 25% break chance upon damage, but that’s not so bad. Three more points will boost the damage it does by up to 40%.

Endurance – This increases the parry and evade bonuses of the Endurance Stance by 1853 points when maxed. As a yellow line, you should be running Endurance Stance to increase your evade rating, and this will make it that much easier to do so.

Complex Mechanisms – This increases the resistance penetration for all of your trap skills by 10%. Once again, something that lets your traps do more damage. I’m starting to see a trend here.

Advanced Placement – This skill changes all of your traps to ranged ground targeted skills. This means that you can throw traps down 20 meters away from yourself if you max this skill. I cannot stress how very important this one is. This will give you a lot more control over where you place traps. You’ll be able to strategize much more effectively.

Piercing Trap – This gives you another trap for your arsenal! This one slows enemies and deals damage over time. It does a fair bit of DoT damage too.

Armour Rend – This one lets Penetrating Shot debuff your targets parry, evade, and block rating by 1151 points. It’s a very nice debuff. I’m especially fond of it.

Improved Distracting Shot – This reduces the cooldown of Distracting Shot by a full minute! It also increases the grace period of the applied daze by two points. I’ll have to look into grace periods to see just how much of an improvement that is, but the cooldown thing is really nice.

Wounded Prey – Merciful Shot will consume tiers of Lingering Wound for bonus damage.

Emergency Preparations – This is the reason I have been urging you to pump up your evade rating. This trait will make it so that every time you evade or partially evade something, a trap is placed in front of you. Every time you evade, your enemy is forced to trigger this trap. This will save your life many times. Put a point into this skill. I would go so far as to suggest that you unlock this before you unlock your ult. Yes, yes I would. Keep in mind that this can only happen once every 8 seconds.

The One Trap – It’s sort of like the one ring, except as a trap instead of a piece of jewelry! No? Not funny? Ok, I tried… All jokes aside, this trap deals damage up front, deals damage over time, and slows your target!!! How cool is that? No wonder they call it The One Trap. It really is just like the one ring, but so much more deadly. Maybe they should call it The One Trap To Rule Them All And Make Your Enemies Run Home Crying To Their Mothers!!! I’m sorry, that was a terrible joke. I’ll stop. 😦

Set Bonuses

Deadly Decoy – After Decoy’s time runs out, it will explode. I’m not sure if it does that much damage to be useful, but I do know that I find it hilarious to see a dummy with a large happy face on it explode. Oh, wait! When the dummy explodes, it also stuns. Yeah baby!

Triple Trap – Set trap will place three traps instead of one. If you aim it carefully, you can have your target trigger all three traps at once.

Master Trapper – This applies effects to three of your traps. Triple Trap places a debuff that increases incoming damage by 15%, Piercing Trap restores health to all who hit the target, and Deadly Decoy increases your chance of landing a critical on the target by 10%. The One Trap and Tripwire don’t get debuffs. The One Trap doesn’t need one because it is The One Trap To… Sorry, that was the last one. Really. I’m done now. I read too much Lord of the Rings for my own good.

Strong Intimidation – This increases your fear duration by 5 seconds and decreases your targets fear resist by 5%. Now you can really send ’em running.

Heightened Senses – This one does three things for you. Every time you evade or partially evade an attack your trap’s active cooldowns decrease by 5 seconds. Another reason to boost your evade rating. Secondly, stealth detection is increased by 6 points. Again with the point system… Thirdly, your evade chance is increased by 5%. See, the game thinks you should boost your evade rating too.

Purge Poison – Purge Poison will now cure your entire fellowship of poison. That’s right, one click to heal them all! I’m sorry, you’ll just have to deal. The One Trap got me started and now it’s stuck in my head.

Sturdy Traps – This increases the grace period of your traps and lets you move around without losing any focus. Remember, you’re not a blue line! Don’t try to act like one by firing on the move. This is best used to reposition yourself in combat so you can lay down those traps more effectively.

Closer Look

This line is really good at crowd control. You’ve got snares, you’ve got debuffs, and you’ve got the ability to decrease movement speed. This is a really good hunter line to run when you’re in a group. It also really shines in tight spaces. The blue line becomes this sad little creature in tight spaces, because it doesn’t have that much room to run around in, but the yellow line really shines in caves, nooks, and crannies. Tight spaces mean that there’s a smaller chance of your enemies running around your traps. This doesn’t happen that often, but when it does you have to reposition yourself and lure them back to the trap. It’s not fun. Open areas can be a bit of a challenge at first because of this. Sometimes you lay a trap to the left of a tree, and your enemy just has to move to the right.
When this does happen, you have to lure your enemy back to the trap. Your traps debuff, deal damage, and might knock them over. A mistake some people do is to say, “Well, they’re already here, and I do have some useful melee skills.” What these people forget is that their traps are much more effective than their melee skills.

Another thing people forget is that you can layer your traps. You can lay down all of four of your traps right on top of each other. Or, you can throw down your ult, and let one baddie trigger that. Then you can lay down your other three traps and let another enemy trigger them. Three traps combined (Triple Trap, Piercing Trap, and Tripwire) create a sort of mini-ult. You have the decreased movement speed, the damage over time, and the damage up front. You get them to trip, and if you can lure them into triggering all three of Triple Trap’s traps you’ve just done a massive amount of damage.

In every fight, what you should be doing is laying down at least one trap into your enemies path. Then shoot them. For instance, you know that your enemy will run towards you when you shoot them. Place a trap where you know they will move next. This will increase the amount of damage you are able to do. It is possible to lay a trap right on top of your enemy.

So far I’ve mentioned luring enemies to your traps. You need to do this. Don’t cry about the focus loss (that is fixed by your last set bonus), just reposition yourself and fire off a few bow skills while you wait.


– Use your traps often. When I say often, what I mean is that you should be using them in every fight. I don’t care if it’s a giant mouse. Trap everything.
– Remember to lure enemies into traps when necessary
– Experiment with your traps and see if you can come up with some combos
– Get your evade rating as high as possible (run Endurance Stance)
– Remember that you can layer traps on top of each other
– Try to make a plan before going into battle (Where will you put traps? Which trap do you want them to trigger first? If you start off with Piercing Trap and let them run into a Tripwire right afterwards, your enemy will lie down for a few minutes and continue to take DoT damage while you shoot at them.)


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