This was first published on Sep. 6th, 2014

For all of you lazy people who didn’t log in yesterday (unfortunately I am one of these people), I have a very important announcement to make! Hobnanigans is here! Time to grab those sticks and start hitting chickens across a field of grass, freshly grown just for this momentous occasion. I hope that you sincerely enjoy the pained squawk as your stick hits the bird, the sight of a terrified chicken sailing through the air, and most importantly, that famous boot. How often can you tell people that you’ve drunk beer from a smelly old boot? Now that’s what I call brave! And to think slaying orcs in Carn Dum gets you that title. Shameful!

Honestly, what better way is there to celebrate the summer? Good luck out there! I hope you’ve been saving your tokens from last time because this event ends tomorrow. Now tell me, which do you enjoy more? The events such as Hobnanigans and the Treasure Hunt? Or the seasonal festivals? Be sure to tell me which you prefer and why in the comments below! Remember to subscribe, and happy adventuring!


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