Lotro Lingo Guide

This was first published on Oct. 25th, 2014.

All games have their own vocabularies that all players should try to learn. If a team mate yells, “cc needed! want aggro + heals plz,” it helps to know what’s going on. Most people are unwilling to explain this more concisely in the heat of combat. Or any other time.

AFK: Away From Keyboard. Essentially, the player isn’t at his computer right now, so don’t try talking to him in any way, shape, or form.

aggro: This player has attracted too many enemies and needs someone to pull them away from him. The more aggro you have, the more enemies are attacking you.

alt: Most players have multiple characters. This is a character that you don’t play very often.

AoE: Area of Effect. This is any skill that affects more than one target.

blanket horse: Any horse with a cloth draped over it. Festival horses are often blanket horses.

block: One out of three ways to avoid taking damage. For this one, you need to have a shield equipped and your attacker must be in front of you.

boss: Any really tough enemy at the end of a raid, skirmish, or instance.

buff: This one has two meanings. a) is that a class has been made more powerful. b) is a type of skill that makes a friendly target more powerful.

bug: A mistake that the developers made while coding the game. These can range from your cloak being backwards to you twisting in half and snapping apart whenever you try to attack something.

burg: Burglar.

build: This refers to how you have made your character. I might say, “My build is a healer/dps mage.”

cappie: Captain.

CC: Crowd Control. This is any class or skill that roots/stuns/fears/dazes an enemy. These classes excel at controlling how the enemies move, and protecting their team mates.

champ: Champion.

combo: Any skills that are fired off in rapid succession.

corruption: A buff that an enemy places upon itself.

creep: A player controlled monster player. These are found in the Ettenmoors, which is best for everyone. If we could take creeps out of the moors, can you imagine how many creeps there would be killing low levels at the starting zones? Good choice devs, good choice.

critical rating: This is how likely you are to score a critical hit.

critical defense: This is how much damage you avoid when a critical hit hits you.

daze: This is like a stun. The enemy will stand there and do nothing. However, a daze will break if the dazed enemy takes any damage. A Lore-masters most common phrase is, “Don’t break my cc, ok?”

debuff: A skill that makes an enemy weaker.

devs: The game developers.

DPS: Damage Per Second. In short, how much damage you can do. Also, any player who helps his fellows by killing enemies as quickly as possible.

evade: A way of avoiding damage. Anyone can evade attacks from any direction.

F2P: Free to Play. Anyone who earns turbine points in game and uses these hard earned goodies to pay for their content. These players all get pats on the back for being patient, determined, and maybe a little bit crazy.

fear: Any skill that will make an enemy run away. The enemy will run a random direction, so be careful using this. It can get pretty chaotic if someone fears more than one person at a time.

fellowship: What this game calls a group. This is most certainly a reference to the Fellowship of the Ring.

filler: Content put in just to lengthen gameplay. Filler has no real affect on the game.

finesse: This lowers your enemies parry/block/evade ratings.

freep: Someone playing a hero. Any class other than a monster player counts as a freep.

gank: A group of players ambush you.

GG: Good Game. A polite thing to say at the end of a raid/skirmish/instance.

griefing/trolling: Anyone being a jerk to attract attention.

grinding: Engaging in repetitive tasks to get a reward.

healer: Any class that specializes in healing others.

heals: This person is asking someone to heal him.

incoming healing: This increases the amount you are healed by a percentage. An example is, “I get healed 20% more than you losers because my incoming healing is higher than yours!” This is also an example of griefing or trolling.

instance: A private or non-private area where special quests are done. The Haunted Burrow, and the starting zones are examples of instances.

Leeroy Jenkins: Something shouted before rushing into combat swinging your weapon wildly with no plan other than to not die. Leeroy Jenkins video

lifetimer: Someone who payed a lot of money to get a lot of things in game for free. It is not possible to get a lifetimer subscription anymore.

LM: A Lore-Master

main: The character that you play the most.

mini boss: An enemy who is strong enough to be more difficult than your average enemy, but not strong enough to qualify as a boss.

mitigation: How much damage you avoid taking from a certain type of attack. An example is, “I mitigate 17% of melee damage. How do you like that?”

minnie: A minstrel.

mob: An enemy.

nerf: When a class has been made weaker.

newb: A player who is new to the game and asks questions that some find stupid or offensive. Newbs grow into good players, so treat them kindly.

NPC: Non Player Controlled. Any person who is not controlled by a living, breathing human.

noob: An insult, accusing the player of being really dumb, stupid, or offensive.

owned/pwned: A way to rub your victory in someones face. “You were just owned!”

P2P : Pay to Play. Any player who buys turbine points and then uses them to purchase content.

palette swap: The devs take an item, change the color, and then call it a new item. Most blanket horses are palette swaps. This is primarily done to save memory space, not because the devs are lazy. Have you seen the details on some of these things? Trust me, they’re not lazy. I would just like to throw out that more palette swaps, means that the devs can put more time into our new expansions and quest packs. Sorry, people slamming blanket horses are a pet peeve of mine.

parry: A way to avoid damage. A weapon must be equipped and the enemy must be in front of you.

patch: Anything the devs do that fixes bugs.

PC: Player Controlled. A person controlled by a living human.

physical mastery: Increases the nonmagical damage you do by a percentage.

PvE: Player versus Environment. This is when you are fighting NPC’s.

PvP: Player versus Player. This is the Ettens in a nutshell.

raid: A dungeon meant for a very large group of two to four fellowships.

resistance: How much damage you resist.

respawn: Dying and appearing again in the same place or somewhere else.

RK: Rune-Keeper.

root: Any attack that keeps your enemy still. These enemies can still attack you, so don’t get close to them and don’t even bother rooting ranged mobs.

skirmish: Like a raid, but smaller.

speedrun: Trying to complete a quest/instance/skirmish/raid as quickly as possible.

stun: The enemy can’t do anything. Damage will not break a stun.

support: Any player who helps his team mates by debuffing, buffing, healing, or cc.

tactical mastery: Increases the magical damage you do by a percentage.

tank: Any player who helps his fellows by absorbing damage.


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