Lotro’s Farmer Faire Guide 2014

This was first published on Sep. 2nd, 2014

And the farmers faire is back! This has always been one of my favorite festivals (mainly because of all the hobbits involved), so naturally I was very excited to write a guide. What follows is a list of quests, deeds, and rewards that the festival offers. I hope that you find it both humorous and helpful.

Quest List
Quests in Bywater:

  1. Bounder Rounds
    Rewards: 4 tokens
    This quest consists of going out and scolding seven drunkards. Read carefully, because after you make two mistakes, the quest will fail and you’ll have to wait a few minutes before trying again. The only way to spot drunkards is by reading their dialogue very carefully. Any spelling errors or strange sentences will give them away.
    Drunkards will often do/say:
    – laugh after burping
    – “may the toes on your hair grow thick and curly”
    – “fresh-licked vegetables”
    – “pigs judge the local farmers”
    – “Bad Maggins”
    – “where is slupper?”
    – “got into a squirrel”2. Revenge of the Drunkards
    Rewards: 4 tokens
    This is one of my personal favorites. Mainly because I get to throw tomatoes at bounders. I know, I’m a bad person… Anyways, after drinking a tankard of beer with the drunkard loitering by the inn, you will decide that you have been too nice lately. Obviously, it is time to stick it to those nasty bounders and throw vegetables at them. To complete this quest, all you have to do is hide in a bush and throw things. You can even hit the same bounder again and again. It is possible to stand on the roof of the inn and not get caught.
  2. Fat Mayor
    Rewards: 5 tokens
    Also another fun one. This time we get to throw things at the mayor! While sampling food for the festival, sometimes he eats something truly, truly terrible. As adventurers, it is our sacred duty to relieve him of the discomfort created by eating bad cooking by throwing wine, water, salt, milk and butter at him. Also it’s really fun. How this quest works is the mayor will make a comment, and you throw something at him.
  3. Manning the Market
    Rewards: 4 tokens per customer helped
    This quest is one of the best ways of collecting tokens. There are six customers to be helped, and you have 15 minutes to help them! Three of them want you to collect food for them, be sure to read the lists they give you very carefully. Hobbits can be tricky people and are prone to babbling. It should be noted that apples are collected from the vendor stall, not from the apple crates behind Daisy Sandyman. One customer will want you to go and fetch her a large quantity of apples. This where the crates come in. Best of luck to you, because there are a lot of wormy apples in those crates. One customer is very insistent on receiving a mushroom stew. Naturally, you must make this stew. All of the ingredients can be collected from the vendor stalls. The last customer wants you to go yell at people. The three people that need scolding have of course wandered off. One of them can be found in the mushroom tents, one at the methel stage, and the other has wandered into the inn.
  4. Restocking the Market
    Rewards: 4 tokens
    This vendor needs to restock. As trustworthy adventurers, it’s time to help! There’s a whole list of options to choose from, so go nuts. This one is fairly simple.
  5. A Tour of the Farmers Faire
    Rewards: 3 tokens
    This is just a tour to show you where everything is. This quest is only available if it is your toons first farmers faire.

Fishing Quests (fishing rod needed for these quests)

See this chart for rewards.
2 big fishes = 3 tokens
5 easy fishes = 3 tokens
4 simple fishes = 3 tokens
3 possible fishes = 3 tokens
2 tricky fishes = 3 tokens
unlikely fish = 3 tokens
5 puny fishes = 3 tokens
5 bad fishes = 3 tokens

  1. Pond, or Thief?
    This hobbit must be very, very strange. She is convinced that the pond has stolen her stuff, and wants you to find them. The first time I took this quest I wandered all over the place and complained loudly because I couldn’t find them. Don’t do this. You must fish them out of the pond.
  2. Big Fish, Little Fish
    Go fish. Catch big fish. Don’t catch little fish. It should be noted that this is based on luck, not fishing skill.
  3. Fishy, Very Fishy
    This time you are sent off to fish. Wait, that’s just like the previous quests… Anyways, you are sent to catch ten stacks of progressively harder to catch fish. If you catch the Bad Fish, you will have to wait until the next day. This is also based on luck. Upon completion, this quest will give you a title! Yay!
  4. Hired Hook
    Rewards: 4 tokens
    After digging up suspiciously large worms and being forced to bait a hook, a dainty little hobbit will force you to catch her dinner. How very rude.

Sandson’s Farm Event
Rewards: 10 tokens
Every time this event starts you will be sent off to collect 5 eggs. See chart for rewards.
white egg = 1 token
colored egg = 2 tokens
spotted egg = 5 tokens
striped egg = 10 tokens
golden egg = 50 tokens

Bamfurlong Event
Rewards: 10 tokens
This event will send you into Farmer Maggot’s field to hunt mushrooms. Be sure to avoid the dogs, because the quest will fail if they spot you. White mushrooms award 1 token, and colored mushrooms will award 2 tokens. Beware! The colored mushrooms will grant one very strange affect. It’s pretty fun though.

Deed List
1. At the Farmers Faire
– complete Bounder Rounds 3 times
– complete Revenge of the Drunkards 3 times
– complete Fat Mayor 3 times
– complete Manning the Market 3 times
– complete Restocking the Market 3 times
– complete A Tour of the Farmers Faire
Rewards: 5 tokens

  1. Egg Scramble Victories (Tier One)
    – complete the Egg Scramble 5 times
    Rewards: <name>, Novice Scrambler
  2. Egg Scramble Victories (Tier Two)
    – complete the Egg Scramble 20 times
    Rewards: <name> the Eggsellent
  3. Egg Scramble: Collect Colored Eggs
    – collect all types of colored eggs (blue, red, orange, green, and purple)
    Rewards: 10 tokens
  4. Egg Scramble: Collect Striped Eggs
    – collect all types of striped eggs (blue and white, yellow and red, pink and purple, orange and purple, and red and green)
    Rewards: 10 tokens
  5. Egg Scramble: Collect Spotted Eggs
    – collect all types of spotted eggs (green and yellow, orange and red, purple and blue, blue and red, and yellow and blue)
    Rewards: 10 tokens
  6. Egg Scramble: Collect the Golden Egg
    – collect the golden egg
    Rewards: 10 tokens
  7. Maggot’s Mushroom Victories (Tier One)
    – complete Bamfurlong event 5 times
    Rewards: <name>, Novice Mushroom Hunter
  8. Maggot’s Mushroom Victories (Tier Two)
    – complete Bamfurlong event 20 times
    Rewards: <name>, Mushroom-Muncher
  9. Helping Hand
    – complete all restocking quest options in Restocking the Market
    Rewards: 5 tp, <name>, Helping Hand
  10. Fine Faire Fishing
    – complete Big Fish, Little Fish 3 times
    – complete Pond, or Thief? 3 times
    – complete Hired Hook 1 time
    Rewards: 5 tokens
  11. Full of Farmer’s Faire
    – complete deed: A Helping Hand
    – complete deed: At the Farmer’s Faire
    – complete deed: Fine Faire Fishing
    – complete deed: Sandson’s Egg Scramble Victories (Tier One)
    – complete deed: Maggot’s Mushroom Victories (Tier One)

Faire Rewards

Robe of Bounty = 35 tokens *new*
Cloak of Bounty = 35 tokens *new*
Hooded Cloak of Bounty = 35 tokens *new*
Robe of Plenty = 35 tokens
Cloak of Plenty = 35 tokens
Hooded Cloak of Plenty = 35 tokens
Gardening Gloves = 25 tokens
Circlet of Fresh-Picked Flowers = 25 tokens
Gardening Boots = 25 tokens
Gardener’s Apron = 35 tokens
Hooded Cloak of the Harvest = 35 tokens
Hooded Leather Cloak = 35 tokens
Farmer’s Fancy Tunic and Trousers = 35 tokens
Farmer’s Fancy Dress = 35 tokens
Farmer’s Fancy Wide-Brimmed Hat = 35 tokens
Basket of Colorful Eggs = 35 tokens
Cornstalk = 35 tokens
Lantern = 35 tokens
Chicken Mask = 45 tokens
Donkey Mask = 45 tokens
Duckling Mask = 45 tokens
Pig Mask = 45 tokens
Sheep Mask = 45 tokens

Mushroom Ring = 45 tokens
Golden Chicken Statue = 45 tokens
Small Mushroom Garden = 45 tokens
Produce Stall = 45 tokens
Golden Egg = 45 tokens
Chicken Coop = 60 tokens

5 Piles of Mysterious Powder = 6 tokens
5 Doom-Shrooms = 9 tokens
Blueberry Tart Recipe = 15 tokens

Steed of Bounty = 120 tokens *new*
Steed of Plenty = 60 tokens
Farmer’s Faire Steed = 60 tokens
Caparison of Bounty = 120 tokens
Caparison of Plenty = 60 tokens
Summerfest Steed = 1 token


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