Pies and Mail (The Important Things in Life)

This was first published on Jan. 3rd, 2015.

One of my favorite places to go questing is the Shire. I’ve always loved the Shire. Not only is it the folk music that plays in the background, but the quests are hilarious. No where else in Middle Earth will you face an epidemic of spoiled pies. No where else can you get a title for delivering the mail. Congratulations adventurer, you’re an official mailman.

All of the quests for the Shire seem to be built up around around showing you just how quirky those hobbits are. The Shire contains some of the most memorable (and hilarious) quests in game. Only in the Shire can you unmask false Black Riders, blow bandits up with fireworks, and still be home for dinner. Or lunch. Or elevensies.

I can honestly say that the quests in the Shire are some of the most involving in the entire game, but that’s not all there is to love about these lovely green pastures. Some of the easter eggs that are found there are very neat. Whispers of Frodo’s disappearance can be found, and let’s not forget the old man with his boat stuck in the river who has been planning, for several years now, to sail down the Brandywine and finally go on an adventure.

I have always felt that Turbine managed to capture the Shire perfectly. That’s one of the reasons why I have always found it incredibly easy to max out my reputation with the Mathom Society. You want me to save a chicken? Sure! Chickens are important too!

Happy dragon slaying everyone, and be sure to enjoy yourself.


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