The Ten Level Long Maze

This was first published on May 9th, 2015.

So, there have been some cool things going on. We now have access to a new area of Gondor, which I know everyone at the lvl cap has been waiting for. We also have a brand new imbuement system. This post is not about either of those things.

As usual, getting to look at shiny new content that I cannot buy yet, and couldn’t access if I bought it anyways (my highest toon is lvl 91) has made me oddly sentimental about past areas. For instance, Moria. Or more precisely, leaving Moria!

Moria is a wonderful place. I love the lore. I love the crystals. I love being able to help dwarves try to reclaim a lost, underground kingdom. I don’t love getting lost. I hate getting lost. Normally, I have a very good sense of direction. I’m usually good at navigating through lost kingdoms, but Moria is a lost underground kingdom. It’s a giant stone maze that I’m stuck in for around ten levels. If it weren’t for all those tunnels, I could make my way through Moria in half the time it usually takes me.

Part of what makes being stuck in Moria for so long difficult for me, is that the colour palette is… grey. There’s lots of greys. Sometimes there’s brown. Sometimes a grayish-brown. Once, I thought that I saw some purple, but closer examinations revealed that the purple patch was really an orc. I took a great deal of pleasure out of killing that orc. For a moment, I thought that I had stumbled across a new area, with no grey, brown, or greyish-brown to be seen! I was wrong.

Not to mention the tunnels. It’s a giant maze. If you don’t believe me, try navigating your way through the Foundations of Stone. There’s a reason they have goats scattered throughout the area that port you back to the Shadowed Refuge.

Honestly, I think that one of the reasons people throughout Middle earth are so happy to see Lothlorien all the time is that it’s so colourful. Forget the elves, forget Galadriel, it’s not grey! There’s fresh air! You can see birds, and trees. Feel the wind on your face. Oh yeah, that’s definitely it. There’s a reason all the elves there are so happy. It’s because they get to laugh at all the sorry, scraggly looking people who make it through Moria. I guess there’s something about seeing a tired, bedraggled traveller cursing caves everywhere while simultaneously trying to hug a tree to death that makes you laugh.


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