Unleash the Miners!

This was first published on Dec. 6th, 2014.

Prepare your picks everyone, next week (12-14 Dec.), we’re going to storm the Buried Treasure Field. This event has always been one of my favorites (I much prefer this to Hobnanigans) because of the cosmetics, emotes, and pets available.

We get a ton of cosmetics that are so much fun to look at. I absolutely love the Golden Cave-claw Mask. It’s the perfect thing to wear to a festival if you want to roleplay, or just whenever. The Wooden Cave-claw Mask looks much more creepy, next week I’ll be showing you a creepy outfit that can be made using it.

Not to mention the Cave-claw pets! We are starting to reach that point in game where pets are becoming a more common thing, not just a fancy class skill for Lore-Masters. We’re seeing more shrews, grims, sand flies, swans, chickens, and huorns than ever before and I just can’t wait to see more Cave-claws running around. It’s like having a creepy punk lizard following you. If you ever design a scary sort of outfit, slap on a Cave-claw to give it a whole new depth.

I will be breathlessly awaiting this event, and I hope that you enjoy it just as much as I do!


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