Disapproving Boggs

You wouldn’t know this (most of us pc’s are homeless or visit our houses once a year or so), but when going on an adventure you need to pack up your house. Otherwise, people like Bartleby come in and steal your hatrack. Return the things Bingo has borrowed from his neighbors while he tidies up. Trouble ahead! Instead of graciously accepting her bucket, Myrtle Boggs takes the bucket and tells you that she’s signed a petition to have Bingo locked up so he can’t leave! Will our adorable sidekick (or are you his sidekick?) be able to start his adventures? The mayor wants nothing to do with this petition. It’s uncertain as to whether the sight of a bulky hero asking him this has anything to do with his opinion. After showing the petition to Bingo, you are sure to be confused. Others would vow revenge, or at least mess up her garden. Bingo is delighted that his neighbors care about him so much. They want to lock him up to keep him safe! Isn’t that sweet? You should give Myrtle some flowers to thank her. Oddly enough, this is very embarrassing for her. Yay for vengeance? This quest gives you one of two titles: <name>, Happy to Help or <name>, The Loner.


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