Sink or Swim

There are too many rivers on that map! Bingo, like most hobbits, can’t swim. Only pc hobbits can do that. Don’t ask why! A group of curious gossips watches him approach the Brandywine River. But he can’t do this. The water is cold. Some running around will warm him up. That way the cold water will be even more of a shock. Maybe downstream will be better? Upstream? Lily, because she’s just so helpful, suggests that someone should give a demonstration. Of course, no one here can swim but you. Time to dive into a cold river! It’s worth it, because when you get back Bingo jumps into river and splashes around. So cute! A trip back to the inn to celebrate wraps this quest up. It gives you one of two titles: <name>, The Buoyant or <name>, the Sinking Stone.


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