The Call to Adventure

This is the first time we meet this little scallywag. I bet you’ve never seen that word used in a blog post before huh? Sorry, I’m getting distracted. Where were we? Ah, yes. Bingo. He needs our help planning a party to alleviate an antsy feeling that he has. We survey the market for him and tell him how wonderful everything looks. He sends us off to fetch a cookbook for him from the Took’s library. You should be able to enter this library even if you haven’t gotten rid of the ‘ghost’ inside it. Upon returning to Bingo, you discover a beautifully drawn map inside. Bingo tells you to send it off to the mathom house. He doesn’t need it! He could have saved you the trouble of running up that hill, because as soon as you get there he decides to embrace the life of an adventurer! Congratulations! You’ve convinced a man who’s done nothing but garden and eat to pick up a sword and run around the countryside with it! Try not to let him die! 😀 Bert Bartleby and his good friend Old Rattlepacks will be standing across the road from the stables in Michel Delving. Every quest you complete for Bingo will get you five Bingo Badges. It’s a mystery as to why Bert is willing to give you perfectly good stuff for these, but there you go. It’s in the nature of npc’s to collect whatever is in your bags. Doesn’t matter if it’s dirt, slime, ears or worthless chunks of metal. Why do you bother hacking up every creature you come across anyways? This gets creepy when you realize that the bar owner has a use for things like slime and ears. If I were you, I wouldn’t look at the food too closely. Bert also knows where Bingo is at any given time. He’s just your regular homeless man who likes selling questionable items and stalking hobbits. As an adventurer, you should be used to this by now.


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