Training for the Journey

Bingo sends you off to Gaffer Gamgee in the hopes of getting some good adventuring advice. Instead of asking you… the actual adventurer… Anyways, as soon as you get there the Gaffer gives you some wonderful advice. Don’t do it! Leaving the Shire is the worst idea ever! There are dangerous things out there like bandits, monsters, and badly cooked pies. Why would you want to do that? He ‘gives’ you some of his apples for the journey (if telling you to go pick someone else’s apples counts as giving them to you) and sends you right back. He forgot that Bingo HATES apples. He would rather die than eat apples. He’d rather die than look at them. Go chuck them in the inn. A busybody named Esmeralda asks you a ton of questions and you sheepishly tell Bingo that she managed to figure out everything. She’s like Sherlock Holmes, except more pudgy. Bingo needs to train, so he decided to travel to the other end of the Shire and climb a tower. Why can’t he just climb a nearby tree? Who knows. It’s more fun this way. He can’t climb the tower and retreats to the inn to lick his wounds. This quest gives you one of two titles: <name>, The Prepared or <name>, The Unprepared.


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